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Red Light Wednesdays

We challenge you to pray for young girls affected by sex trafficking. During your Wednesday commute, let each stoplight remind you of the challenges these women and children face. Encourage others to do the same by sharing #RedLightWed on your social media accounts.

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One Child is Trafficked Every 30 Seconds Worldwide

Children Trafficked This Year:


The human trafficking industry is one of the most devastating inhumanities in the world today, and it it growing. Every year 1.2 million children are trafficked, and it is  estimated that there are 21-30 million slaves in the world today--more than any time in history.

Through our transit monitoring programs, we have saved over 10,500 young women and children from a life of torture and unimaginable brutality.


Throughout the developing world, children are cast aside by poverty, war, and the destruction of families.  Orphaned, abandoned, and abused children often become drug addicts, prostitutes, or succumb to disease and violence.

We serve these children by intercepting them and placing them in loving homes before they are dismantled by the global trafficking industry.