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Slavery is not a thing of the past.

An estimated 30,000 people are trafficked into India from Nepal and Bangladesh every year.

Girls are forced or deceived (often with promises of money and marriage) to leave their homes, sold, raped, tortured, and imprisoned.  Those who do not succumb to disease or violence are seen as outcasts and rejected by their own communities even if they manage to escape.

We work in three ways to combat human trafficking:

Data Collection & Analysis

Every week we encounter dozens of trafficking cases.  By interviewing intercepted victims in these cases, we are able to gather a huge amount of up-to-date information about trafficking to be used in prosecutions and investigations.



We believe that the prosecution of traffickers is one of the most important ways to fight trafficking. We assist trafficking victims in prosecuting their traffickers.

Intelligence Led Investigations

We develop actionable and timely intelligence from which a specific trafficking target can been identified.



We are committed to giving children hope and a new life through children's homes.

Children's Homes

Tiny Hands operates several children's homes in South Asia. We believe all children should have the opportunity to thrive, not just survive. Our goal is to make this a reality for as many children as possible by supplying the best physical, spiritual, and emotional structure within which to thrive. The children may have been abandoned, orphaned, or in situations where they could not be cared for, but they will grow up loved by their home parents, their "brothers and sisters," and their local church.

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For years many of us at Tiny Hands have envisioned forming a Tiny Hands community.

The "Dream Center" is a community of 6 children's homes and a K-12 Christian school where volunteers and friends of Tiny Hands can participate in an active, thriving community of believers who live and learn together as followers of Christ.

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