Research and Development

Research and Development

Tiny Hands International believes in the importance of data-driven research to enhance the effectiveness of its work and to do greater good for those whom we serve.  Below is a list of our past and ongoing research projects.  Please contact if you are interested in working with us on any of these projects.

Transit Monitoring:  Our staff member, Jon Hudlow, recently published an article in the Journal of Human Trafficking about Tiny Hands' innovative transit monitoring strategy and its effectiveness in fighting human trafficking in Nepal.  (More information on how transit monitoring works can be found here.)  We are also doing research into other countries where our transit monitoring strategy may be successfully replicated. 

Trafficking in Bangladesh: To enhance THI's operations in Bangladesh, we are working with students from George Washington University's Security Policy Studies Program to do a study on the demographics of individuals trafficked from Bangladesh to India and the process of repatriating those rescued from trafficking back to Bangladesh. CLICK HERE to download the report.

Safe Migration and Technology: Over half a million Nepalis traveled overseas last year in search of better job opportunities for themselves and their families.  Many are deceived into accepting job offers that are fronts for trafficking and are exploited overseas.  We have developed a handbook to help migrants avoid human trafficking and secure safe foreign employment.  We are in the process of developing a mobile application for the same purpose.  

Open Source Intelligence: In the course of our transit monitoring work, we collect intelligence about traffickers, such as routes and recruitment methods, and enter this information into a database.  This database also contains open source intelligence that we gather from news articles and other public sources about trafficking into and out of Nepal.  We use all of this information to identify traffickers and help apprehend them.  

Higher Education Opportunities: To help ensure that our children have access to quality postsecondary education after they graduate from our homes, we are researching the best colleges and scholarships available in Nepal and overseas for our children.  We are also seeking training and vocational opportunities for Nepali staff.

Data visualization: Who are we intercepting through our Transit Monitoring program? We've developed two online data visualizations that shed some light on who they are, where they come from, how they were recruited, and what type of legal was taken.

Click these links to access our current data visualizations:

Intercept Demographics     Legal Action and Recruitment