Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child

THI ChildrenMake a Lasting Impact in the Life of an Orphaned or Abandoned Child

We take great pleasure in serving forgotten and unloved children by placing them in loving, Christian families and giving them every opportunity to not only survive, but to thrive in their local communities.

You can play an important role in this process by sponsoring a child. 

Fund Your Child’s Physical and Spiritual Care

  • Provide loving Christian parents
  • Basic Needs: Home, Food, Clothing, Books, Toys, etc...
  • Medical care
  • Computer and reading programs within the home
  • Attendance at excellent schools
  • Attendance and participation in a local Christian Church

Optional Birthday and Christmas Gift Opportunities

We also suggest (optional) an annual $25 Christmas/Birthday contribution ($15 for Christmas and $10 for their birthday). Instead of trying to mail packages to a third-world country and to empower the parents of the home, we have found it more effective to send a cash gift directly to the parents. This allows the parents to take the child on a special shopping adventure where they are able to purchase something the child wants and needs. It also provides a sense of gift-equality with each child.

Birthday GiftChristmas Gift
Correspond with Your Child

The best way to communicate to your child is through written correspondence. Twice a year we ask our child sponsors to put together a short note and a few family pictures for their child. We then hand deliver them to the child in Nepal, and, at the same, time collect notes from them to deliver to our child sponsors.
Pray for Your Child

We ask that our child sponsors commit to pray for their child. These children face many obstacles as they grow up including immense spiritual warfare. We believe God is able to complete the work he has begun in these precious children’s lives and we stand on that promise.
A Special Child is Waiting

For only $60 dollars a month, your Tiny Hands child sponsorship gives the gift of hope and the ability for children to dream about their future. Become a sponsor and join a community of like-minded people who provide deserving children with a loving family environment, stability, education and hope!

Your experience will be personally rewarding as you become one of the sponsors who builds a special relationship with a child through the exchange of letters and photos that will be life changing for both of you.

Available Sponsorships

Watch Children's Ministry Video
Opportunity Home
Gopalgonj, Bangladesh
Salvation Home
Chitwan, Nepal
Peace Home
Kathmandu, Nepal
Rescue Home
Gopalgonj, Bangladesh
Rescue Home
Gopalgonj, Bangladesh