Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

One Girl

It’s estimated that nearly 30,000 girls are taken from Nepal and Bangladesh each year to be sold into the sex trade industry.

Understanding the magnitude of this issue, the darkness at its core and the spiritual warfare that surrounds it, we began the One Girl Prayer Initiative to find a person to spiritually adopt each of the estimated nearly 30,000 girls trafficked from Nepal and Bangladesh each year. The numbers grew as churches, college students and individuals from events and presentations became involved. Read more


The bracelet you recieve when you join us is handcrafted. The black band represents the darkness and bondage of trafficking. The stone represents your “adopted girl” and its golden color represents God’s light of hope.

You will also receive up-to-date reports, stories and testimonials from our border monitoring stations and restoration homes. The option to receive “Intercepted” text messages from our border staff is also available.

You will be asked to donate only $10 for each bracelet. This donation covers the cost of shipping as well as what we pay the girls who make each bracelet.

One Girl is a prayer initiative not a fundraising effort. Yet some people feel called to give “Beyond the Bracelet”. We are grateful for these gifts that will be used specifically in our fight against trafficking.