How One Girl Began

How One Girl Began

It’s estimated that nearly 30,000 girls are taken from Nepal and Bangladesh each year to be sold into the sex trade industry. These numbers may seem overwhelming, too large to overcome.  But not with God!  

Understanding the magnitude of this issue, the darkness at its core and the spiritual warfare that surrounds it, we decided to take it to our Father in prayer. Understanding each girl is precious to God, loved by God, is fearfully and wonderfully made, we began the One Girl Prayer Initiative.

We began in 2009, seeking people from around the world to join us in prayer. Our hope was to find a person to spiritually adopt each of the estimated ten thousand girls trafficked from Nepal. With the help of our friend David Palmer, owner of ChristianNetcast, we got off to a great start reaching thousands through the Internet. The numbers grew as churches, college students and individuals from events and presentations became involved.

And recently in November, we received our twelve thousandth prayer-partner, joining us in daily prayer! Yet reaching this milestone was not the beginning of us seeing the results of prayer.  Prior to One Girl we had intercepted less than 100 girls in two years. Since One Girl began, we have intercepted over 8,500 potential human trafficking victims, preventing them from being sold! In addition, we have heard stories of conversion of traffickers and hundreds of girls coming to know Christ.

Our One Girl

Thinking we needed a “poster-girl” that would depict the innocent of those who are threatened, we selected a picture randomly taken by one of our staff in 2008. Returning to Nepal this fall, we looked for her and found her, our “One Girl”.  After a few short visits, multiple smiles and the Gospel shared, we learned her name is Zemune (Za-moona). She is 11 years old. Please pray for her and all of the innocent girls we Love, Protect and Restore. 

Zemune in 2008Zemune in 2014Prayer Warrior!